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  • First Steps Noisy Kittens2:35

    First Steps Noisy Kittens

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  • Highlights Hidden Pictures Illustration Time Lapse2:17

    Highlights Hidden Pictures Illustration Time Lapse

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  • Barbie's You Can Be Anything competition - Nadia2:13

    Barbie's You Can Be Anything competition - Nadia

    Barbie’s You Can Be Anything campaign promotes the notion that no matter who you are or what your age is, it’s never too early to start living your dream. They encouraged kids around Australia to “tel

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  • Hinkler Building Tour1:08

    Hinkler Building Tour

    Take a quick tour through the Hinkler office, including our showroom and warehouse!

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  • Blues Box Guitar Exercise 23:19

    Blues Box Guitar Exercise 2

    The second Blues Box Guitar Exercise

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  • Blue Box Guitar Exercise 13:23

    Blue Box Guitar Exercise 1

    The first Blues Box Guitar Exercise on video.

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  • Blues Box Guitar teaser1:31

    Blues Box Guitar teaser

    Anyone can be a smooth and sophisticated blues guitar player with The Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar kit! Discovering how to play the blues box guitar is easy and simple with professional musician Ni

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  • Hinkler School Zone0:31

    Hinkler School Zone

    Give your kids the head start they will enjoy! From preschool to year 7, School Zone has something for everyone. Workbooks, flash cards, interactive software and more are presented in a fun and entert

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  • Hinkler creates: Forget-me-not Fairies Story Collection1:45

    Hinkler creates: Forget-me-not Fairies Story Collection

    Discover the hidden and magical world of fairies! Launching June 2013.

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  • hinkler creates: School Zone NAPLAN-style Workbooks3:01

    hinkler creates: School Zone NAPLAN-style Workbooks

    Hinkler introduces brand new NAPLAN-style workbooks to our School Zone range. Help your kids get ready for school success!

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  • No We Are Not F*king There Yet0:57

    No We Are Not F*king There Yet

    Children. Aren't they adorable? But parents know the real truth, and it's nothing like the ads. PRE-VIEW, book releasing November 2012. For more info visit

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  • hinkler creates: Spot What! Metropolis2:57

    hinkler creates: Spot What! Metropolis

    Hear Hinkler CEO & Publisher, Stephen Ungar and Spot What! author Nick Bryant talk about how Spot What! started and how the brand new Spot What! Metropolis will catch your eyes.

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  • Unique Fun Ferret book!1:34

    Unique Fun Ferret book!

    'I'm nifty, wriggly, clever and quick. Watch me weave through your fingertips! There are plenty of tricks that I can do, I'll just need a little help from you!' The lovable Fun Ferret can't wait to

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  • The Power Of Tai Chi Preview1:00

    The Power Of Tai Chi Preview

    Simple yet powerful, Tai Chi is a whole-body exercise system, and is low-impact, suitable for all age groups and very convenient - it can be practised indoors or out, with or without equipment and alo

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  • The Gift Of Yoga Preview1:00

    The Gift Of Yoga Preview

    Join Gena Kenny as she introduces you to the postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation that makes up Hatha yoga. With step-by-step instructions covering the major components of yoga,

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  • Simply Piano Preview1:00

    Simply Piano Preview

    Learn to read music and play like a pro in no time! Simply Piano covers essentials such as finger independence, improvisation and playing popular classics and includes practice exercises to reinforce

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  • Simply Guitar Preview1:00

    Simply Guitar Preview

    Regardless of your experience with the guitar or music, Simply Guitar has something for everyone. Steve MacKay is an internationally recognised guitarist and professional guitar teacher who regularly

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  • Simply Drawing Preview1:00

    Simply Drawing Preview

    Learning to draw has never been easier than with Simply Drawing. Author and artist Jacqui Grantford teaches the basic skills and techniques that will allow you to take what you see around you and tra

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  • Pilates For Weight Loss Preview1:00

    Pilates For Weight Loss Preview

    Discover how you can use Pilates to lose weight, tone up and transform your body. Join experienced Pilates trainer Elise Watts as she demonstrates a specially designed program that introduces you to

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  • Complete Cocktails Preview1:00

    Complete Cocktails Preview

    Everything you need to know to prepare and serve great tasting cocktails. Learn all about the history of cocktails, key skills in making great drinks, and essential equipment for the home bar. Featu

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